Anthony Wong – Ivana Chubbuck Workshop

Actors, give yourself an empowering start to 2020! Anthony Brandon Wong's next Sydney and Byron Bay acting workshops:

* BYRON BAY: Sat & Sun TBA 2020 (at Byron Bay Film and Television School. Please contact Mark Piper for this Byron Bay workshop at his mobile: +61 (0) 414 888 884 or at

In the February workshops, places available for participants who do scene/monologue work and auditors who observe and learn from watching scene/monologue work. Both participants and auditors do practical acting exercises that the whole class are involved in.
In a safe, nurturing environment, actors will learn:
* how to work on a role from a sense of joyful process rather than the perfectionism of having to "get it right"
* that any actor can go through periods of disbelief (POD) when they are tackling a difficult role and that this can be embraced rather than judged.
* how to choose objectives that are primal and simple.
* how to drive that need to win from your body rather than your intellect
* how to turn a person, place, thing or event mentioned in the script into a living, emotionally connected experience
* how to create emotional and sexual chemistry with your scene partner
* the mindset of a successful, happy and empowered working actor
* the importance of committed voice and speech
* the importance of physical language - gesture, doings, destination
* and much more.

Hours are 10amam to 7pm daily, price: $435 for participants, $75 a day for auditors.

NB: For BYRON BAY 1-2 Feb workshop, contact Mark Piper for pricing and to enrol.

Anthony Brandon Wong’s training has been with many of the world's best teachers - a fusion of the study he has done with more than 50 diverse teachers such as Ivana Chubbuck (most senior accredited teacher of her technique in Australia), Larry Moss (since 2011), Eric Morris, Meisner and Strasberg Techniques with his own exercises. He has also been fortunate to study with Patsy Rodenburg, Rowena Balos, Amy Morton and Audrey Francis (Steppenwolf), Margie Haber and the late Elizabeth Kemp. He has been working as an actor around the world for more 30 years on movies, TV and stage and bring those insights about acting into his teaching.
Some of the thousands of actors he has been blessed to teach/coach include Magda Szubanski (Kath & Kim), Angus McLaren (Packed to the Rafters), Stef Dawson (The Hunger Games), James Stewart & George Mason (Home & Away), Natalie Mendoza (The Descent), Delta Goodrem (Olivia), many of the cast of The Family Law series, Stephen Mahy (Jersey Boys), Martin Crewes (Resident Evil), Sophie Bloom (Love Child), Ainsley Melham (played title role of Aladdin on Broadway), George Xanthis (AACTA nominee, Open Slather), Erika Heynatz (Home and Away), singer Pete Murray, Bobby Fox (Jersey Boys), Teo Gebert (Crooked Business), Nell Nakkan (A Place to Call Home), Ally Fowler (Wentworth), Alyce Platt (Sons & Daughters), Daniel Nemes (The Magicians - US), Hannah Levien (Siren - US), Amali Golden (Bloom), Belinda Gosbee (The Look-See, US), Dan Hamill (Love Child), Ellie Popov (Thicker than Water) and Conor Leach (Sequin in a Blue Room).

Anthony would love to explore this beautiful craft with you in class or private session. If you are new to working with him, email your CV, 2 contrasting headshots and if you have one, a link to your showreel. For Byron Bay workshop, contact Mark Piper to enrol at

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