BUSCAR peace through music

Introduction to Buscar

GENRE: Musical drama/Redemption Story

CONCEPT: In Music lies salvation

DRAMATIC QUESTION: Will Johnny succeed in changing the world through music(thereby saving himself. This is a journey of deeply damaged young man

CENTRAL MYSTERY: Who is Johnny Joseph and what has he done?


A troubled cowboy, a damaged man with a violent military past and a mixed blood girl scarred by their recent background and struggle re invent themselves  and find salvation through love and music.

  • Buscar

    One World One Love is a proposed 13 part Television Drama Series set in BYRON BAY AUSTRALIA.

  • Johnny Joseph a troubled Cowboy who has just broken free from the military and carrying a dark secret, seeks solace and healing from his past at an International Street Musician and Buskers’ festival the small seaside town of Byron Bay. A mixed blood girl called Maria, a mysterious man called Louie Austen and a street kid called Speedo come to his rescue and inspire him into reinventing himself and creating an empowering music movement that touches the world.

Louie Austen owns a bar in where Maria sometimes works

Maria is a student at an elite performing arts school.

Maria’s boyfriend, Tom Johnson, a control freak, is most volatile and arguably most gifted.

Johnny and Maria’s relationship will drive the story along with a small group of culturally diverse friends and acquaintances that quickly become family.

Johnny’s objective, after arriving in Byron and meeting Maria, becomes to change the world through music by connecting Buskers and Street Musicians worldwide filming them all playing the same songs of peace, and building music schools and providing musical instruments to children worldwide.

Buscar is a gritty and realistic portrayal of a world where reality is stranger and infinitely more wonderful than fiction. West Side Story meets The Commitments. A story about family, love, hard work, friendship, revenge, choices, growing up and the very real possibility that the most ordinary person can change the world. In a cinematic and television climate where stories are either tragic and gritty or shamelessly optimistic.

In any case peace and tolerance should simultaneously come to our characters through music as well as to the world.

BUSCAR one world one love Characters


Johnny Joseph – A troubled cowboy with a dark secret, fresh from the Military musician, writer, surfer – “Bring back the protest song.”

Maria Blackwell – Mixed blood Australian, very much involved in her culture – age 20’s,  performer, environmentalist, surfer. Community gardener.

Louis Austen – Nightclub owner. He is in his 60s. Keeps to himself, nobody knows much about him, he and Johnny become good friends. We also find out he is an incredible musician.

Speedo – street kid  female – lives on the street Becomes good friends with Johnny Joseph

Supporting Characters

Tom Johnson - Maria’s boyfriend since she was 15 – dark, jealous, volitile – an amazing singer/musician. Nightclub owner

Jenny Miller – founder of  Miller Academy an Elite Performing and Fine Arts Academy

Students, Street Performers, Support and Guest Characters

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