Producer, Writer and Script Developer

Charlie de Salis is an experienced screen story practitioner with writer/director credits on two broadcast documentaries (High Hopes and A Load of Rubbish), two feature documentaries (Show Me the Magic and Last of the Great Apes), three short films and writing credits on three New Zealand television plays - The Bruce Wilson Story (which he also directed), Highwater and Money for Jam. His short films A Moment Passing and Flying have been selected for more than 26 international film festivals, including Venice and Cannes. Both films were Best Short Film finalists in the New Zealand Film Awards, and A Moment Passing was nominated at Venice for the Golden Palm for best short film. His projects have received funding from the New Zealand Film Commission, Screen Australia, Screen NSW, Screen Tasmania and Screen Queensland. Over the past five years, Charlie has worked extensively as a script editor and developer, story consulting on three US/Aus co pro features – Undertow, Bad Karma and Absolute Deception - and script editing the ABC telemovie Cliffy. He is currently overseeing development on three feature film projects for Bangalow Pictures – two with Last Cab to Darwin writer Reg Crib – and as a writer is involved in developing two television series (with Roger Monk) and a feature film. Charlie lectures in screenwriting at Southern Cross University (for whom he wrote the screenwriting course), and is completing a Higher Degree Research project on adaptation of the novel for the screen at Griffith University, while also working on a biography of iconic cinematographer Don McAlpine. He has been a project and script assessor for Screen Queensland since 2009.