Louise Lee Mei Actor, Producer, Writer, Meisner Teacher

Trained in Meisner technique, Louise also studied at the NIDA Screen Actor program. After numerous short and feature films, Louise began teaching advanced graduates in Sydney. Has taught the technique in Brisbane, Byron Bay, Newcastle and has completed a Bachelor of Communications including Journalism, Creative Writing, Screen History and Shakespeare.

Do I know what art is? Throughout my training I found the more I tried to uncover the answer to that question the more elusive it got. It wasn't until I started teaching that the essence of art became clear to me. It's about communication. It's about ideas, possibilities, suggestions, questions about life and what our role is here on this rock. It's about education, information and inspiration.

My love affair in the arts is presently continued by teaching aspiring and working actors (in QLD & NSW) through my business and also through professional writing and media communications projects. My passion is connecting with people, encouraging creativity and ingenuity my students, cultivating digital media and creative writing, films, television... oh, and danger sports.
The Sanford Meisner Technique is a highly regarded training system for actors that combines truthful emotional responses with enhanced imagination techniques to produce performances that are emotionally authentic. Widely considered the technique that modernised acting the west, this approach has become especially popular due to its effectiveness for on-screen acting