I really hope you may have time to see us before we go, honestly Mark you are one of the most genuine, kindest, creative people I’ve ever known and my heartfelt thanks goes to you for all the support & skills you’ve shared with G. You really are one in a million & she actually said tonight ‘I really hope I can keep in touch with Mark.’ I know we haven’t seen you lately but she has loved having you in her life!


Thanks so much for all your advice and guidance during your classes. I have learnt so much its crazy!! I think your classes were perfect for me, the best ones I’ve taken so far! Your approach to teaching is brilliant. By letting the actors see the scenes after the shoot really allows them to pick up on what there doing wrong and what to improve on! I feel so much more confident as an actor now!


My life has changed because of Byron Bay Film and Television School.
I wasn’t sure if I can do acting because I was just a shy Japanese girl.
But I soon realized how much fun it is to do acting. Then I fell in love with acting at the first workshop.
Mark always encourages me to make efforts for my new dream, becoming an actress.
He is a very warm hearted and considerate person, that’s why everyone loves Mark!!
I am so glad I’ve met Mark and all the other great teachers. I LOVE this school!!!


“The Byron Bay Film & Television School has provided me with a safe and professional environment in which to hone my skills as an actor. Mark Piper knows exactly what each individual needs to grow creatively and provides the means and skills to support this. Apart from Mark’s own classes he provides his students with a variety of classes and workshops from other professionals within the industry. His classes are informative, vibrant and fun and above all inspirational. Having studied with Mark for only one year now, I have been absolutely amazed by the positive changes I have observed within myself and also in my fellow students. I would recommend this course not only to the actor, musician or film-maker but to anyone. My year at the film and television school has helped me find a confidence I had forgotten I had. Thank you Mark and Co Tutors for a life changing experience and lotsa laughs. I loved every moment of it, even the hurdles.”