Mark Pipers workshop is definitely always the highlight of my week!
Over the last year I have to come to know Mark as a very kind, generous, funny, and down to earth man. He is somebody who is not afraid to get out of his comfort zone, and in turn, makes you, as his student feel confident in also getting out of your comfort zone.
At Byron bay Film and Television school, I have learnt how to overcome my fears. At first, like most, I was very nervous performing not just in front of others, but in front of a camera. But with Marks guidance, I’ve learnt to truly enjoy it.
I thoroughly enjoy Mark pipers, and I would recommend it to anybody, whether you’re an aspiring actor, or you’re just somebody who’s looking for a way to come out of your shell.
Mark is a great teacher, who has great connections, which benefits his students hugely, as he is able to bring in an array of special guests, who specialize in; comedy, voice work, and/or directing. Sometimes the experience of Mark, and his peers, is the best thing about the whole lesson, as they are able to share their knowledge, and share their experiences.
Taking Mark Pipers is definitely the best thing that I have done all year, and I cannot wait to return next year!
So thank you Mark, for giving me a place where I always feel comfortable, happy and where I can do what I love.


I have very much enjoyed doing acting courses with Mark Piper. I have been doing these courses for around 2 years and have learnt many skills and techniques that are very helpful and useful. I have met a lot of great people and have also enjoyed the guest speakers that Mark brings in, who also have a lot of experience in the industry and offer great advice & tips. I recommend any of Mark Piper’s courses for anyone of any age.

Georgia. aged 13.,

I would have to say that after attending Mark Pipers Film and Television School, it has been an extermely positive, life changing experience. Being a shy, quiet person myself I was very nervous before I started but after meeting all the other friendly students and under the leadership of Mark it makes the classes really fun! I found I was surrounded by like minded people and with Marks guidance, wisdom, experience, knowledge and energy, I was able to come out of my shell and find the performer within. I have learnt so much and don’t want to even have a break from classes! I have become relaxed in front of the camera and more confident in all aspects of life. I would recommend Mark Pipers School to everyone!


Whether experienced or novice, performing in front of people or camera at times can be intimidating. Mark’s uncanny ability to help everyone, push through this veil, meet new obstacles head on and climb new heights is enviable. I believe Mark’s Byron Bay Film & Television School has taken my attributes as an Actor above the next level and beyond, enabling me to rise from the plateau of stagnation that was the last couple of years. For this alone I am indebted. Marks awesome nature, patience and professionalism, ensures that every moment in one of his classes is engrossing, enlightening and above all, FUN!!!! Which means you may fret for it [class] every moment you’re away from it. I know it may sound cliched, but it really is a dream come true to be at a school like Marks. The entourage of highly talented WORKING industry professionals on call to assist Mark and ‘give back’ or pass on knowledge to us newbie’s is phenomenal. You hear the stories of big bad egos, or to save for a better word (kiddies turn away now) “P****s” in the industry all the time. Mark Piper is none of them. Unless you’ve lived in a cloud all your life with Amish-television-hating-Pixies, we’ve all at sometime seen his work. With his resume, registering an outstanding body of work, A1 experience and longevity in probably one of, if not the most cut-throat industries on the planet, you’d be hard pressed to find a more giving, humble human being than Mark. (Ok I know it’s Byron, so for all you Hippies, don’t get upset!…. the Dalai Lama can be first. Eat your lentils & mung bean sprouts or you can go to bed without your tofu!!!). Seriously, no one is more passionate about the nurture, protection, growth and survival of the industry than Mark. Plus, those like myself starting out requiring the right wisdom and encouragement to make the correct steps, Mark truly is a great mentor.
“I have studied at a few schools in as many years, but never felt so expressive, alive and free. Mark has played a pivotal role in helping me overcome the ‘writers block’ paining my creativeness for the past few years as I am also a musician/writer. I can not endorse The Byron Bay Film and Television School enough. Thank you to my good friend Angelina for pointing me to Mark. Also, since being at Marks school for the last two terms, I’ve been enlisted by an awesome agency (Cheers Charmaine), featured on ‘Slide’ (Fox8) and completed a beautiful short film by the brilliant Romany Lee, to mention a few. The people I have met there have become my extended family and I love them dearly and I look forward to continued growth with them. Finally thank you Mark for going out of your way, quite often in your own time to help not just me but all those around you, find a gentle stepping stone into the gruelling, yet fascinating world that is acting. And for guiding us all to towards becoming better people. Thank you Mark. I love you……….Er… In a totally platonic way of course”

Steve L, Gold Coast,